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Mona as Preet

After spending 9 hours on a set with co-actors and constantly addressing them with their reel names, it is almost instinctive to refer them with their on-screen names in real life too. The recent one to suffer from this is Mona Singh aka Preet Hooda of Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show, Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do.

A source close to the channel said, “A couple of days back the shoot got delayed due to some unforeseen reason. Instead of packing-up by 9 pm, Mona had to stay back a little longer than that. She wanted to keep her father updated about the delay and decided to message him. After sending the text she realised that the message was sent to Micky Makhija, aka Mr. Hooda who plays her father-in-law on the show instead of her real father. What followed this was non-stop laughter and lots of teasing.”

It’s ok Mona! There is nothing to be embarrassed about! We are sure Micky Makhija would have loved to read a text message from you.