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The chota patakas of Indian Idol Junior have cast a spell on the entire nation. With their stellar singing talent and spectacular performances they have painted the town red! The recent one to join their fan club is none-other than Sonakshi Sinha’s mother herself. Poonam Sinha is such a big fan of the show and the singing stalwarts that she decided to surprise them by visiting the sets of Indian Idol Junior unannounced.

Poonam Sinha, who is a self-confessed fan of Indian Idol Junior, always wanted to meet the young talents. And now with Sonakshi judging the show, Poonam thought of visiting the set and show her support to the budding talents of India. It seems Sonakshi is so awestruck by the Juniors that she sings praise at every available chance. So, Poonam Sinha decided it was about time she took that step and met the little singers to boost their moral and wish them luck.

What followed was fun, laughter and nonstop masti! Poonam is so charmed by the kids that she has decided to spend more time with them in the coming weeks! She also gifted all contestants with goodies!

Well, it seems that Idol Juniors have found a new fan, indeed!