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Nikita Dutta aka Lakshmi Mathur from Shashi Sumeet Productions Dream Girl.

One of the on-screen adorable couple of Shashi Sumeet Productions show Dream Girl – Samar Sareen ( Mohsin Khan ) and Nikita Dutta ( Lakshmi Mathur)have captured the heart of the viewers with their sizzling chemistry on screen, but little do we know that the duo is witnessing some strange funny things off screen.

Well, the funny thing that the duo is witnessing while shooting for the sequence is Mohsin ends up sneezing all the time during the sequence. Interestingly enough, it’s only when he is asked to come near Nikita. Now that’s not because he is playing a prank with her, it’s actually due to Nikita’s Lip balm. Mohsin has developed this strange allergy because of which he ends up sneezing all the time. And not only this, while shooting any close sequence, his eyes are red. Now that is either he is romantic or he is angry because of this allergy.

Commenting on the same, Nikita aka Lakshmi Said, “Every time when we both are doing a scene which requires the two of us to be close to each other he starts sneezing because he is strangely allergic to my lip balm”!!

Mohsin Khan aka Samar Sareen said, “I know that’s weird but it’s true, I always have to excuse myself and end up sneezing in between the scene due to her lip balm”