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Salman Khan sans stories and secrets isn’t possible. And that’s exactly what happened on the stage of Indian Idol Junior stage, where Salman Khan came to promote his movie Bajrangi Bhaijan and motivate the young Idols.

Salman, who is a favourite with children and is known to be the happiest when he is surrounded by young fans, didn’t leave any stones unturned in adding zing and couple of laughs when he shared his most embarrassing moments from his life.

Can you imagine Salman Khan being cornered and that too for singing !!

That’s exactly what had happened when Salman and Aamir Khan were on a tour and Aamir, without any heads-up announced to the audience that Salman would be singing an impromptu song. Salman, being caught unaware, showed presence of mind when he gestured a co-performer to sing ‘Jeeye to jeeye kaise’ from Saajan so that he could lip sync to it. After a successful playback debut on stage, it was payback time and Salman challenged Aamir to sing a song so melodiously. Aamir sang “Papa kahte hain”  from Qayamat se Qayamat Tak in his own voice and the show became a huge hit. As everyone knows, What starts well ends well !! Both the movies and songs became huge hits and rest is history.

And a romantic and charmer like him, fearing away from kissing. Exactly!! Salman was so uncomfortable in kissing his co-star in the movie, “Maine Pyar Kiya” that he can still feel that apprehension till date. The memory is still so vivid that he couldn’t control himself to share this incident, when one of the Indian Idol Contestant sang ‘Mere Savalo ka Jawab Do’.