Crowd Frenzy

~A crowd of 500 cheers for Vinnie from ABCD2~

Fans of Shraddha Kapoor can’t stop praising her since the release of ABCD 2. Proving their admiration, more than 500 people crowded the streets to catch a glimpse of Shraddha last night. Shraddha was left pleasantly surprised by incident and thanked her fans for their support. The actress was present at the venue to attend a private dinner for fundraising culinary platform ‘Food With Benefits’.

The area was filled with fans unanimously cheering for ‘Vinnie’. This only shows that her mind-blowing dance moves have captured the audience’s attention to such an extent, that she is now recognized by her screen name.

Pastry Chef Pooja Dhingra posted an image on Instagram saying, “500 people outside my kitchen for Shraddha Kapoor.”

Looks like Shraddha Kapoor’s fans really do love the actress a lot!