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Punit Pathak

As the second edition of the dance extravaganza ABCD 2 unfolds next week, Punit Pathak; protégé of director Remo D’Souza who made his acting debut with ABCD excitedly awaits the release of his film and promises a role the audiences wouldn’t have expected of him. Punit confesses that shooting for ABCD 2 was a smooth sail giving credit to Prabhudeva and Remo.

Punit’s character died in the first movie but interestingly audiences will get to see more of him in ABCD 2 with a different role altogether for which the actor has extensively trained. Punit is a choreographer, actor, assistant choreographer and director for this movie.

He believes only these two guys could’ve made up do everything with so much ease, “My respect for Prabhudeva as an actor increases more because he is playing a challenging role. He plays a drunkard in the movie…so it was amazing to see him grow as an actor. He is an inspiration to everyone in this country.

“The biggest part is he is choreographer and director. He knows which camera and what angle will be taken and he exactly delivers that and we are amateurs hence we don’t know how to act. He guides us. “