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It is always said that the B-town industry is al rosy and glossy, but it is only our Bollywood celebrities who can give us a real picture and Tell us what problems is faced by them. It is said all that glitters is not gold! oh yes it is true. The meet bros recently experienced a delighting but a surprising incident.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to be mobbed by their fans in India but this time it went international.

Music composers MEET BROS  recently took a break out of their work and left for a vacation to Venice. The brothers were in Venice for a personal event but were followed by their fans there too. On leaving from the airport they were mobbed by a large amount of Indian fans. The excited and the enthusiastic crowd pounced on the Meet Bros and requested them for selfies and pictures. The brothers greeted their fans with a smile on their face but by time the crowd went out of hand.

It took them two hours to get out of the crowd. ” We were happy and overwhelmed to see how much we are loved by the international crowd but at the same time it got a bit scary with  the over excited crowd, al the more it was a different experience” mentioned Harmeet.