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Actor and dancer Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who was last seen on Dil Dosti Dance has been cheated by his manager for a sum of close to 15 lac rupees.
 Our source informs us, “Amar has been busy in his shoots, events and performances due to which he had hired a manager named Primal and trusted him with his accounts, contacts and money.  However, Primal ended up misusing Amar’s money and is now after repeated attempts not returning the actor’s hard earned money. Amar has filed a police complaint against his ex-manager and also warned all his friends in the industry to beware of him.”
When we contacted Amar he confirmed saying, “I had put in a lot of trust into Primal and even recommended him to my own friends.  Over time I found out that he was cheating me as well as my friends and when I asked him to give me my money which had accumulated with him, he kept giving me false reasons.  I started getting calls from my spot, make up, etc that they hadn’t gotten paid which made me realize that not only was my money with this man but he wasn’t paying dues to the people I owed money to.  After investigation I found out that he had wasted the money in dance bars, gambling, match fixing, etc.  I have filed a complaint and also warned everyone that I could.  I really don’t know if we’ll be getting our money back but I hope we do as its hard earned money.”
 We hear that the actor was given a set of cheques by his manager’s mother but even those bounced and now both his manager and mother are unreachable.