With Life OK‘s Piya Rangrezz forming the base of the story, the show is all set to introduce a fresh drama in the show.

The audiences have witnessed how to Shraddha (Kridita Mistry) was asked not to confront Sher Singh (Gaurav S Bajaj) about the fact that she was forced into matrimony with him by Bhanwri Devi (Narayani Shastri) but with Shraddha revealing the same, Sher Singh lost his cool and fought with his mother on forcing the bride to get into a relationship.

In the coming episodes, the show will introduce some edgy drama where Bhanwari Devi will torture Shraddha with the intention of breaking their marriage. She will go to the extent of irking her so much that she will be forced to leave the house.

With Shraddha not wanting the marriage, will she use this opportunity and break all bonds with Sher Singh?

A source informed, “Amidst the torture, Sher Singh will come to Shraddha’s rescue and will fight back in support of her against his mother. Also, he will vow that he will win over his wife with his love and gain acceptance in her heart.”

We contacted Gaurav S Bajaj but he remained unavailable for comment.