Pooja Sharma who shot to fame with Ruk Jaana Nahi, created a girl next door image all the way but she broke all the misconceptions with her acting skills when she emerged as a power negative character as Vaishali in Tu Mera Hero.

The actor who charms the audience with her tricks to stop Panchi (Sonia Balani) from achieving any task in the show said claims that Tu Mera Hero is a learning experience for her.

She stated, “I have earlier mentioned that essaying a positive role is very easy than a negative one as portraying a grey or negative requires an actor to be very expressive in the way they look, talk and walk.  What I really like about essaying negative characters is that I get to wear very colourful clothes. ”

A sudden transformation of character from essaying a positive to a negative must be hard indeed!

Pooja elaborated, “It is extremely challenging, without a doubt! I need to give at least 5 to 10 takes complete a scene. But people are very patient with me, particularly Madhuri Sanjeev who excels at portraying such roles. Amita Khopkar helps me modulate my voice too. This show is more of a learning experience for me. ”

We wish you luck with you current and future endeavors Pooja!